Донецький юридичний інститут МВС України

The Editorial Board of "Law Journal of Donbass" invites young scientists and experienced lawyers, scientists-beginners and legal elite of the country to publish results of their scientific researches, developments in  such fields as the theory and history of state and law; constitutional and international law; commercial law, civil law, labour law; administrative law and process; financial law; information law; criminal law and criminology; criminal process and forensic science; operatively-search activity in one of the best periodicals – specialized edition  "Law Journal of Donbass".

The Editorial Board invites proactive, creative and dedicated scientists, researchers, adjuncts, graduate students, staff of practical units to cooperate.

Until December 01, 2021, a set of articles for issue № 4 (77) 2021, the publication of which is scheduled for January 10, 2022.

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